April 22, 2016

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Tutor’s Assistant

Description: We are looking for volunteers to tutor elementary school students, under the supervision of our staff. An ideal candidate would come in twice a week for a set amount of hours and help our staff with tutoring our elementary school students.

Requirements: Every potential tutoring assistant will be tested on their ability in various subjects and will tutor only in their area of strength.

Required Skills: Must have good communication skills, the ability to follow direction well, patience, and a passion for helping others.


Administration Assistant

Description: We are looking for volunteers for our administration that would involve marketing and public relations. Our administration assistant would help us with creating blog posts, sending out emails, updating contact lists, and possibly attending promotional events.

Requirements: The ideal person would be interested in business, marketing, sales, or public administration.

Required Skills: Must have basic computer skills and communication skills.


If you are interested in a volunteer or intern position with Nevada Student Care, contact us today!