April 22, 2016

Nevada’s Statistics

The state of Nevada has an enormous percentage of adults that are not high school graduates. Many are not enrolled in school and are not working. Nevada Student Care seeks to change that!

High School Completion

For every 100 students that begin high school in the state of Nevada, only 62 will graduate in four years. We would love to help intervene in that process and get the completion higher.

Progression To College

Out of those 62 students who graduate high school, only 27 will go on to enroll in higher education classes right after they graduate. Of the 27, only 18 will still be enrolled after one year.

Degree Completion

Out of the 18 students who remain in college-level classes, only 10 of them will complete a degree in four years. We believe that we can help get these numbers higher and connect students with education.


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